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It’s a family thing…

At Botanicanna, it’s in our blood to make people feel good.
This is our journey (so far)…

Awaken your well-being

We believe that cannabis has the power to change things. To make people feel different. To transform our way of life.

Our mission is to end the negative stigma surrounding cannabis, through education and inspiration. Because everybody should be free to make an educated decision on how to manage their health holistically.

That belief has kept us going since day one, working hard to explain things simply and offer affordable products.

We’re not like other companies – we’re family run, we’re hands-on, and we think of every customer as a member of our own family.

If you’re new to our crew, you can get the lowdown on feeling good here.

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Our humble beginnings

After graduating from college, husband and wife Jacob and Ashlee moved to Colorado in 2015 to learn more about the cannabis industry. Ashlee gained knowledge working as a medical marijuana dispensary manager, while Jacob worked as a director of cultivation.

At the time, the industry was breeding cannabis to have as much THC content as possible, which naturally lowered the amount of CBD content. This simply didn’t make sense to us.

From working with medical marijuana patients, we knew that for many people, THC alone wasn’t enough. These people – such as cancer patients – also needed CBD and other cannabinoids to help manage their symptoms.

We felt there simply weren’t enough affordable options available. So we decided to do things differently…

Proudly independent, since 2018

In 2018, Botanicanna was officially founded from our very own family farm. Back then, it was a lot of hard work – hand planting, cultivating, and caring for every plant, one by one.

We began as one of the largest hemp farms in Wisconsin, harvesting plants for our very own CBD edibles, oils, topicals and more. In our first year, we harvested a massive 15,000 plants. By year two, that number had tripled to over 45,000!

We’ve come a long way

From our humble beginnings, we’ve now grown to several locations across the Midwest, formulating our own line of cannabis products. We’ve also expanded our online store (where you are now!) – offering only the finest quality products, from proprietary formulations, at an affordable price.

But to this day, we’re still all about family. Working hard to find the right kind of product for every person, and educating people about the wonders of cannabis, whatever your lifestyle.

Join us on our journey as we awaken your well-being.


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